Welcome to Dugi otok

Geographically, it is an island of great diversity and contrast, and the largest island among the North Dalmatian islands. It justifies its name (long island) with a length of about 45 km and it is between 1 and 4 km wide, with the highest peak Vela Straža (338 m). The coast of the island facing the open sea is characterized by sharp contrasts: the part that is located in the Nature Park is mostly steep and dominated by beautiful cliffs, while on the southeast side of the island one can find quiet coves and the sandy beach Sakarun. The island's beauty is an ideal place for swimming and enjoying the purity of the sea and the beauty of nature.

As the south-eastern part of the island is protected and declared a Nature Park Telašćica, so is the north-western part of the island recognized as one of the most interesting areas of the Zadar County and was declared a significant Croatian landscape.

The cultural heritage of Dugi otok is exceptionally rich and diverse. In each place on Dugi otok one can find centuries-old buildings, especially when it comes to parish churches.

The island was also known for its Glagolitic tradition and in various archives and private collections of Glagolitic texts from almost every place on Dugi otok can be found. There are also inscriptions in stone on churches and on private homes. The most striking are the sacred objects that testify to the concern that the residents dedicated their spiritual life.

As an old song says, "Every place has its festivity" so do villages on Dugi otok welcome each of their festivities with joy. The festivities are mostly held in honour of a patron saint of a particular village.

The festivities on Dugi otok are a combination of live music, fine food and good entertainment till the early morning hours. The most famous is the one in Sali called „Saljske užance“ which lasts three days. Various presentations of folk customs are held during the festivity while the locals participate in gastronomic competitions that will impress all food lovers.