Welcome to Iž

The Island of Iž is situated in northern Dalmatia, between Dugi otok and Ugljan. Island Iž has two tourist villages: Veli Iž and Mali Iž - beatiful little villages, surrounded by figtrees, olivegardens and vegetable plantations.

A special summer attraction is the Festival of Iž - "Iška Fešta", a manifestation of folklor where the ancient ceremony of village king choosing can be seen along with traditional costumes and crafts, sports andother events. Iž, an island of fisherman, seamen, potters olivegrowers is one of the most picturesque islands of the Zadar archipelago. It is covered with tipical mediterranean plants and cultivated with aproximately 70.000 olive trees.

A unique phenomena is the pottery of Veli Iž, which once supplied a large part of the Adriatic coast with clay pots for cooking and household use. About 70 families were specialised in this craft in the past. They could sell or exchange their pots only in the territory assigned to them by casting lots. The potters would throw the unsold pots into the sea before returning home, because it was a disgrace not to sell all the goods.