Welcome to Kaprije

Kaprije is a small island of the Šibenik archipelago area of 7 km2, located about 15 km southwest of Šibenik .

It was named after the Mediterranean caper plant whose buds are used as a condiment at a time when the island was settled by Šibenik refugees from the Turkish invasion in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The only settlement on the island is also called Kaprije and is located in the bay of Port st. Petra, which is the main and largest of the twenty bay, with ferry pier and moorings. The settlement on the Kapri is built in a traditional Dalmatian style and surrounded by hills, one of which is the highest - Velika glavica (129 m), with a breathtaking view of the archipelago and only Kakan and Žirje islands standing between Italy .

Luka Kaprije, which is located in the southwestern part of the island is naturally sheltered from all winds is a traditional gathering place for boaters who use the break, bed and fun along the Dalmatian cuisine of fresh fish and seafood.

Kaprije island, surrounded by crystal clear waters is an deal oasis for a quiet and relaxing holiday in nature, away from everyday life.