Welcome to Krapanj

The island of Krapanj is the lowest and smallest inhabited island on the Adriatic. Today, about 200 people live in Krapanj. 
The centre of Krapanj consists of mostly stone houses, which form a network of narrow stone streets, characteristic of the Dalmatian landscape. A centuries-old pine forest and the monastery of the Holy Cross must be pointed out. The museum of the monastery houses numerous exhibits that show the life on Krapanj in the past.Krapanj is an island with a centuries-old tradition of diving , sponge fishing and fishing .

Krapanj has a rich history in deepsea diving, primarily in the harvesting and selling of sea sponges. Antun from Crete introduced Krapanj's inhabitants to diving and sea sponge gathering/processing over 300 years ago. For many years, diving for sponges had been the major income for Krapanj families, earning them the title of "Spužvari" (sponge vendors).