Welcome to Olib

Olib, with a town bearing the same name, is part of the western Zadar archipelago overgrown by maquis and especially black pine. It was inhabited in Roman times already, and is mentioned by the Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos in the 10th century.

The island of Olib is a small island which belongs to the Zadar archipelago, situated in the Adriatic Sea east of the island of Silba.

Olib has been inhabited since Roman times, and in the 10th century it was mentioned under the name of Aloip. On the west coast there is the largest bay and the Olib port, while on the east coast there is the Slatinica port. The tower Kaštel dating from the 16th century is located at the entrance to Olib port. This is one of the lowest islands in the whole Zadar archipelago with its highest peak Kalac (only 74 m).

Besides fish bought from the local fishermen, quality homemade oil, wine and cheese can be bought from the locals.