Welcome to Pašman

Zadar archipelago is kept by a large number of islands. Pašman is one of them. It is situated only a few kilometers from the mainland and yet so close to the treasures of Kornati.  Pašman channel, due to the changes of current every six hours really is the cleanest part of the Adriatic Sea. Its rich flora and fauna are in favor of going, and it often becomes a research destination for sailors and lovers, of still largely untouched nature.

Cultural and historical heritage of Pasman Island is predominantly represented by sacral architecture testifying about the significance of religion and of the Holy Church for the island's population throughout the centuries. Every larger settlement has got its own parish church, while in some there are less accessary churches and chapels. Almost all religious buildings were built during the middle Ages and later rebuilt and restored. Only some churches have the elements of medieval construction.

Among sacral monuments of culture, two monasteries especially stand out: Franciscan Monastery of Saint Domnius in Kraj and the Benedictine Monastery of Saints Cosmas and Damian on Čokovac hill. A very interesting phenomenon is the Otus site, where in the Middle Ages was a mansion.

Aromas and flavors of Pašman will trigger the appetite of everyone on the island, where the peaceful rhythm of life and listening to nature puts emphasis on what is important - family meal that brings the generations together, when the beauty of simplicity is reflected in the food prepared with love. The sea has been feeding this area with fish and shellfish for centuries and the land complements by delicious meals such as the rabbit and pheasant goulash and sweetens with old cookies of figs and almonds, with a quality glass of homemade wine. The hospitality of the local residents ensures that everything is shared with the visitors whether the dinner is prepared by the host or eaten on the terrace of the restaurant. The true experience of Pašman area gastronomy is inevitable. The experience complemented by the lifestyle where from the little land, the best has been drawn from its fruits. Traps, nets and longlines were stealing the most delicious meals from the sea - bass skillfully prepared on the grill with homemade olive oil from olive trees step away from the place where you eat is not an ordinary piece of fish. Behind every meal there is a story, whether that piece was caught by an old fisherman with his grandson who went fishing for the first time or in the morning a neighbor handed a bunch of chard to another so beautifully placed in a bowl on the table. The harmony of coexistence of man and nature provides a unique opportunity to taste and enjoy healthy food prepared with love to every visitor of Pašman.