Welcome to Prvić

The island of Prvic is situated in the central part of the Adriatic, close to important air, land and sea routes; on the sailing route between the Northern and Southern Adriatic, at the southern approach to the Kornati Archipelago, and near the mouth of the Sibenik channel.

The island is about two square kilometres in surface, three kilometres in length, and ranging from 500 to 1200 metres in width. It is low and cultivated. It has two villages (Prvić Luka and Šepurina), with a little over a hundred inhabitants each.

The island's shoreline varies from rocky to sandy beaches, attracting guests from nearby towns on the shore.

Small islands, like Prvic, were mostly uninhabited in the ancient times. Remains of only several Greek and Roman settlements were found, and only on larger islands. But it is hard to tell whether this is because the settlements were never there, or whether the remains were later scrapped for building material. Land is scarce on the islands, and new settlements were often built on top of older ones.
On the other hand, at other times, there were more inhabitants on the island than the island's agricultural capacities could support.

The island is also known as Faust island - the island of Faust Vrančić, scientist, historian, linguist, philosopher, mathematician and physicist, who lived in the 17th century, was born in Sibenik and  spent his childhood on the island Prvić.