Welcome to Rab

Situated between 44.41' and 44.51' north latitude, the happy Island of Rab sits in the middle of the Gulf of Kvarner, accompanied by dozens of other Croatian islands. Like the Croatian coast itself, this 22 kilometers long and 11 kilometers wide island stretches northwest - southeast and is separated from the mainland by the Velebit channel. 

Known as the island of sun,sand, sea and beauty, as well as one of the most verdant islands in the Adriatic, Rab is criss crossed by more than 100 kilometers of hiking trails and biking paths, allowing you to explore the beauty of the mediterranean landscape at your own leasurly pace.

Romantic bell towers, pleasant climate, beautiful beaches, dense pine forests and Komrčar, the most beautiful forest park on the Adriatic coast, are only some of the attractions Rab has to offer. One of the most wooded Adriatic islands with as many as three hundred water sources and countless native and cultivated plants is a veritable garden.

Among the fun facts is the story of the local stone mason, St. Marino, who moved to the Apenine peninsula to start the Republic of San Marino in the 4th century. He is the saint patron of Lopar and very important to locals.  

Fresh fish and seafood, ecologically grown olives, figs, grapes and honey are typical Rab delicacies likely to be found on the menu in Rab restaurants, inns and taverns.

Rab’s best-known dessert is Rapska torta, a tasty delicacy and the most popular souvenir. It is believed that it was served for the first time in 1177 to Pope Alexander III on the occasion of the benediction of The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Cathedral. What is certain is that it was prepared as a specialty during Venetian rule, more than three hundred years ago, in the homes of rich Rab patricians. Once reserved for socialites and rich citizens, today Rapska torta is the most original souvenir from the island of Rab.