Welcome to Silba

Silba Island along Mljet is the most picturesque and most green island of Croatia. Even the ancient Romans, when they named it, could not circumvent his main character and predestined it for their resort. Event today you can see the drywall fences (mocire) on the Island that divided the plots and the cultivated land. These walls were irregularly shaped, made only of stone and no binding material.

Within these walls, a decorated or untouched garden, or even a undershrub spread the natural scent that blends with sea air and bring a healing breath. In the spring, many islanders bring new seedlings and decorate their gardens, but do not forget that the most valuable herbs grow wild, making the garden a true Mediterranean oasis. There is no pharmacy on the island, but these gardens are a natural pharmacy, and the islanders themselves have become a real expert in treating cough, ear pain and the like.

The herbaceous world of the island of Silba is just a sign of a self-contained Mediterranean flora. It comes in a variety of shapes - from underbrush to very dense forests of Mediterranean oak. Apart from the autochthonous Holm oak forests, there are plenty of Aleppo pine trees. 

The herbal cover includes well-known Mediterranean fruit crops, plenty of healing aromatic, spice and decorative Mediterranean herbs. In the gardens, you can find sage, rosemary, laurel, lavender, thyme... Among the fruit crops, olives, figs, almonds and vineyards are the most common. There are several producers of wine and olive oil on the island, and many skillful women prepare memorable fig and plum jams. Silban Gardens are also the reason for many culinary delights that are prepared in island taverns.

The locals also returned to the old ways of producing sheep's cheese, so a restored herd of sheep can be seen on the island's promenade.